Rubyfruit is a lyrical and harmony driven Indie Folk Americana duo that has been playing together for three years. After living in New York for seven years, the members of Rubyfruit felt the city was not their home but did not know where to go and were curious what it would be like to be a couple, creating and playing music outside of cities amidst the trying climate of the 2016 election season. With the help of the friends and fans that made a successful crowdfunding campaign, Rubyfruit set out on a farming, writing and performance tour of the United States that lasted from December 2016 to August 2016. WWOOF is an organization that allows travelers, farmers, artists and seekers of all kinds to work part-time outdoors in exchange for room and board at a farm. This organization, couchsurfing and the kindness of strangers made it possible for the songs on Rubyfruit's upcoming EP to be written in San Marcos, Texas, Santa Cruz, California, Williams, Oregon, La Porte, Washington, Fairview, North Carolina, Springfield, VT, Redford, Michigan and Nashville, IN. The last stop was Nashville, Tennessee where in collaboration with musicians from New York, New Orleans and Nashville, Rubyfruit captured the songs made on the journey. Rubyfruit is now living in Denver and preparing for their first EP release in July.